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Johnny Handle Book

The Collier Lad

The Stoneman’s Song

Now Aa’ve Had Me Trainin’

The Shearer
Farewell To The Monty

A Tap On The Heed

Old Man Of The Village

The New Spotlight

Hard Times In ’71

Durham Big Meetin’ Day


Nasty Dorty Pit

Going To The Mine

Stottin’ Doon The Waall

How Much Do We Need Coal?

Guard Yer Man Weel

The Union Is My Song

A Lemington Keel

Too Short Or Too Long

A Collier Brig

Aa’m Looking For A Collier
The Banner Song

Here's a collection of recitations and songs inspired by working in the North East Coalfield. Leaving school in 1952, aged 17, I spent 13 years in mining, from a pit lad to a qualified mine surveyor. Initially I recorded my impressions in poems, and altered many of them to songs when I became interested in the folk music of the region.

This book contains words for 22 songs and recitations PLUS a free CD

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